Are you in the market for a timeless fence that requires minimal upkeep and boasts impressive durability? Consider vinyl fencing for your property in Central Alabama! Vinyl fence installation not only provides security and privacy but also enhances the overall charm of your landscape. 


At Fencing Unlimited, the top Birmingham, Alabama fence company, we offer a wide range of top-notch vinyl fence options, and we take pride in showcasing the remarkable advantages they bring to homeowners and business owners throughout Alabama. Keep reading to explore the key benefits of vinyl fencing and determine if this exceptional fence style is the perfect addition to your yard!

What is Vinyl?

The word “vinyl,” comes from the term “polyvinyl chloride” (PVC) and is a versatile plastic widely used in various industries. Although its discovery dates back to 1872 by a German chemist, vinyl didn’t become commercially available until the 1950s. Since then, it has gained immense popularity and currently stands as one of the leading plastics globally.


Today, vinyl finds applications in numerous sectors such as healthcare, communications, automotive, textiles, and construction, among others. Its durability and flexibility make it suitable for crafting a wide array of products, ranging from clothing and toys to medical devices and building materials. Notably, vinyl fencing has emerged as a common use of this material, thanks to its resilience against water, UV light, and extreme temperatures.

Birmingham, Alabama Vinyl Fence Benefits

Vinyl Fences Last a Lifetime

Don’t let the initial cost of a vinyl fence discourage you, as these fences offer a lifetime of durability with minimal maintenance required. Vinyl fences rarely demand expensive repairs or extensive professional upkeep, especially when compared to other fence styles. The premium materials we utilize for all our Central Alabama fence installations ensure that your vinyl fence won’t break, bend, or warp, even years after its installation.


The remarkable longevity of vinyl fences adds substantial value to your home or property. Constructed from resilient PVC, a high-quality vinyl fence will never require replacement. This becomes particularly significant if your family plans to reside in the same home for an extended period. Moreover, should you decide to sell your property, a vinyl fence will enhance its resale value. Property owners in Birmingham, Alabama, appreciate the enduring nature of vinyl fences and continually seek out high-quality fences that can stand the test of time. With Fencing Unlimited, your trusted Birmingham, Alabama fence company, you can rest assured that your vinyl fence is built to last!

Vinyl Fences are Strong and Durable

A fence is a big investment and selecting the correct fence style is a very important decision because a well-made fence can last a lifetime. It’s important to choose the right fence for your property – one that meets your functional needs and looks beautiful in your outdoor space. Vinyl fencing is strong and durable, even more so than wood fences or other types of fencing materials. In fact, vinyl fences are five times stronger than wood fences!


When it comes to strength and durability, vinyl fencing is the easy choice. Not only can a Birmingham, Alabama vinyl fence withstand the harsh weather conditions our area residents might face, but they also resist breaking down with routine exposure to sun, wind, or rain. 

For a Low Maintenance Fence, Choose Vinyl Fencing

Maintaining a vinyl fence is a breeze, making it almost self-sufficient in terms of cleanliness. No power washer or harsh chemicals are necessary to keep your vinyl fence looking fresh and pristine. Even just a gentle rain shower can be sufficient to rinse off any dirt or debris on your Central Alabama vinyl fence! If there’s a buildup that requires attention, a simple spray from a garden hose will do the trick. Generally, plain water is all you need to remove any dirt or grime that may accumulate on the fence. For more stubborn spots, a warm water and dish soap solution applied with a towel will effectively tackle the task.


The minimal maintenance requirements of vinyl fences are a primary reason why a Birmingham, Alabama vinyl fence is so popular with homeowners in the area. The unmatched ease of upkeep is truly remarkable!

Skip the Painting and Staining  

Unlike wood fences that need to be painted and stained several times throughout their lifespan, vinyl fences will never fade or chip. Vinyl fences are a solid color throughout and resist fading in the Central Alabama sun. Throughout their life, vinyl fences do not need to be refinished and will remain the same vibrant, clean color as when they were first installed. Keeping a fence looking brand new has never been easier than with a vinyl fence from your Birmingham, Alabama fence company, Fencing Unlimited. 

Vinyl Fences Defy Deterioration

Vinyl fences are made of PVC, an incredibly durable material that resists deterioration and weathering when exposed to the elements. Vinyl fences are amazingly able to resist rust, erosion, oxidation, and termites, even after many years of use. 


Due to its durable constitution, vinyl doesn’t absorb water, making securing a pool with a vinyl fence a great option. Vinyl fences are also ideal for wet climates because they won’t blister, rust or peel. While other fences are susceptible to termites and water damage, a Birmingham, Alabama vinyl fence is built to last. 

It’s Surprisingly Affordable to Build a Vinyl Fence

Compared to metal fencing materials such as aluminum and ornamental iron, vinyl fencing generally offers a more budget-friendly option. While it may be pricier than wooden fencing or lower-quality plastic alternatives depending on certain factors, when considering the overall picture, vinyl fences prove to be the most cost-efficient choice and can easily be installed by your Birmingham, Alabama fence company.


The beauty of vinyl fencing lies in its minimal maintenance requirements, which translate to even more savings in cleaning products, paints, stains, and new hardware. Its durability ensures that you won’t need to spend on fence repairs or replacement parts. When looking at the long-term costs, vinyl fences prove to be significantly more economical than other fencing materials. Not only will vinyl fencing save you money in the long run, but it will also save you valuable time, as you can bid farewell to the need for frequent repair calls.

Learn More About Birmingham, Alabama Vinyl Fence Options

Make sure to visit our vinyl fence page on our website for more information and answers to frequently asked questions about Alabama vinyl fences. Still on the fence about a new fence? Check out our photo gallery to see examples of our finished vinyl fence projects. Try out our instant quote tool to get more ideas about planning your fence project. If you have any further questions about vinyl fence installation or construction, our team of friendly Birmingham, Alabama fence company experts is ready to help! 

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