When it comes to adding timeless beauty, decorative flair, and sophistication to your outdoor living space, an ornamental steel fence from Fencing Unlimited, a trusted Alabama residential fence specialist serving the Central Alabama region, is the way to go! If you’re considering a classic yet stylish fence for your Birmingham property, look no further. Our stunning ornamental steel fences have gained popularity among homeowners for good reason. Let’s explore why our Birmingham, Alabama fencing contractor team loves ornamental steel fencing!

Is Ornamental Steel Fencing Different from Wrought Iron Fencing?

Before we explore the merits of ornamental steel fencing, let’s clarify what it really means. As you research Birmingham, Alabama residential fences for your property, you might have come across various terms for metal fences, which can be confusing. So, is ornamental steel the same as wrought iron?


Ornamental steel is crafted from an alloy that combines carbon with iron, resulting in a lightweight, rust-resistant material that can be produced on a large scale. In contrast, wrought iron fencing is made from pure iron, making it heavier, challenging to mass-produce, and prone to rust. While wrought iron boasts enduring beauty, ornamental steel fencing presents a more cost-effective choice for Alabama residents. Its low-maintenance attributes make it a top-notch option for many property owners.

Key Facts About Ornamental Steel Fencing in Birmingham

Every fencing project is unique, and your Birmingham, Alabama property deserves a fence that suits its individual needs. Like all fencing types, ornamental steel fencing comes with its own set of advantages and considerations.

Ornamental Steel Fences Are Visually Appealing

One of the primary attractions of ornamental steel fencing is its elegance, sleekness, and aesthetic appeal. These fences emulate the classic wrought iron look, adding a touch of sophistication to any property. With a variety of styles and embellishments to choose from, you can create a truly distinctive reflection of your personal style.

Durable Ornamental Steel Fences by Fencing Unlimited

Ornamental steel fences are exceptionally sturdy due to their manufacturing process. They outperform certain fencing types thanks to the protective powder coating that shields them from corrosion and the effects of weathering. These fences can also withstand harsh weather conditions and can be installed in 8-foot sections, reducing the need for numerous fence posts.

Low-Maintenance Ornamental Steel Fences

Maintaining this type of fence is a breeze. An annual check for damage or loose hardware is typically all that’s required to keep your fence in top-notch condition. Compared with many other types of fencing, ornamental steel fences are an excellent low-maintenance option. 

Security with Ornamental Steel Fences

An experienced Alabama fence contractor can help you select the appropriate grade and size for your ornamental steel fence, enhancing its security and safety. Picking the right picket width and fence height is crucial for establishing a strong property border. 

Open Visibility with Ornamental Steel Fences

While ornamental steel fences don’t provide complete privacy, they do offer visibility. If you like the look of ornamental steel but need a fully enclosed space, consider adding plants and landscaping for privacy instead of opting for a full-privacy fence.

Customizable Options for Ornamental Steel by an Alabama Fence Contractor

To make your Birmingham, Alabama residential fence truly unique, explore the numerous customization features available for ornamental steel fencing. You can select from various fence post toppers in different heights, lengths, shapes, and designs, as well as various styles of pickets and fence top designs. While ornamental steel typically comes with a protective coating and black paint to mimic wrought iron, other color options may be available.


Ornamental steel is also an excellent choice for properties with uneven slopes, as it can be installed by your Birmingham, Alabama fencing contractor to follow the land’s natural grade. These features make ornamental steel a preferred choice for residential property owners and local businesses in Alabama.

Discover the Details of Ornamental Steel Fences For the Birmingham Area 

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