We all crave privacy with a blend of uniqueness in our properties, don’t we? Whether it’s shielding our family gatherings or protecting our prized roses, the desire for something interesting yet functional is universal. That’s where the FenceTrac system steps in, offering a tailor-made solution that can amplify your property’s aesthetics. More than just a fence, it’s a sophisticated statement that merges art and purpose. With FenceTrac, you can craft an expression of your own style, all while enjoying the privacy you yearn for.

If you’re intrigued by the blend of distinction, creativity, and practicality for your Birmingham, Alabama residential fence, let’s embark on a journey through the FenceTrac system’s design world. In this article, Fencing Unlimited, a renowned Birmingham, Alabama fence company, will help you explore why this might just be the ideal option for your next fencing project. Ready to redefine your boundaries? Let’s dive in!

Is the Fencetrac Fencing System Right for My Property?

For far too long, traditional privacy fencing has left property owners grappling with rusty nails, deteriorating wood, and the constant upkeep that comes with a standard wooden fence. And let’s not forget the monotonous appearance – almost every privacy fence looks like its neighbor’s.

Enter FenceTrac fencing, the game-changer for your Birmingham, Alabama residential fence or commercial fence. Read on to learn more about the benefits of FenceTrac options from your trusted Birmingham, Alabama fence company, Fencing Unlimited.

Strong Steel Posts and Rails

Tired of dealing with the headaches of rotting wood, warping, and constant replacements in traditional fencing? Fencetrac has engineered a solution that’s not only visually striking but also built to last: heavy-duty steel posts and rails. Unlike ordinary wooden posts that decay over time, Fencetrac’s posts are crafted from steel, virtually eliminating the need for replacements. The strong steel frame ensures no warping or twisting problems that plague conventional wood fences.


What sets Fencetrac apart even more? The patented U-channels, forged from galvanized 18-gauge steel, offer unparalleled strength and longevity. This unique system allows for fences to be constructed in 4-foot, 6-foot, or 8-foot heights, with infill materials that can be arranged either vertically or horizontally, giving you total design flexibility for your Birmingham, Alabama residential fence.


Want to take it up a notch? Choose the H-Trac option with vertical steel channels between posts, adding even more strength and a dash of sophistication. And for those eyeing the perfect entrance, gate frame kits are available from your Birmingham, Alabama fence company in various standard widths and heights, ensuring a seamless blend with your unique fence design.

Customizable Infill Options

FenceTrac isn’t your run-of-the-mill fence. It’s a canvas for creativity. With the innovative, patented fencing system, homeowners and business owners alike have the freedom to choose nearly any type of infill, from luxurious red cedar to sleek corrugated metal, exotic bamboo, resilient welded wire, versatile vinyl, PVC, attractive metal screen, classic wood rails, and beyond!


You can choose either a vertical or horizontal orientation to create the look you want, in addition to choosing the color of powder-coated finishes, which are available in black, bronze, and white. The limitless choices allow you to create a custom and unique Birmingham, Alabama residential fence that matches the style and look of your property. Take a look at some Fencetrac designs in our photo gallery that we have installed for customers across Central Alabama.

Low Maintenance

Fencetrac’s revolutionary design isn’t just about strong steel posts and rails or great-looking panels; it’s about freeing you from the chore of constant upkeep. You can choose from infill materials like galvanized steel, vinyl, or composite boards, all known for their low-maintenance qualities. Want a fence that stands strong yet needs only the occasional wash to gleam? Fencetrac is your answer.

At Fencing Unlimited, the top-rated Birmingham, Alabama fence company, we understand the demands of a busy lifestyle. You want a fence that adds to your property’s beauty without adding to your to-do list. Our experts can guide you through our myriad low-maintenance infill options, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

The Fencetrac system itself is practically maintenance-free and is an excellent choice for your Birmingham, Alabama residential fence. If having a low-maintenance fence is important to you, choose an infill material that requires only minor upkeep, such as galvanized steel, vinyl, or composite boards. With an easy-to-care-for infill option, your new fence will only need to be washed occasionally to keep looking great for many years to come. Fencing Unlimited is an experienced Central Alabama fence company and we can recommend the perfect low-maintenance infill options to meet your needs and budget.

Easy to Install

Imagine a fence that promises not only style and strength but simplicity in installation, conforming seamlessly to the unique terrain of your Central Alabama property. With the FenceTrac system, elegance meets efficiency in a game-changing way!


Installing your FenceTrac fence isn’t a complex puzzle that your Birmingham, Alabama fence company will need to solve; it’s a delightful journey into creativity and ease. You’ll have no worries about delays or destruction in your yard. This rackable framework adjusts like a charm, accommodating your property’s unique contours. The infill materials slide into the U-shaped FenceTrac rails, bolts and screws are fastened, and you watch stress-free while your masterpiece comes to life! 


Gone are the days of tedious assembly and complicated fence installations that can take longer than you want. With FenceTrac, you’ll find joy in watching your fence be built quickly and cleanly by your Central Alabama fence company.


At Fencing Unlimited, our commitment to you goes beyond the mere installation of a beautiful fence; we aim to instill confidence, trust, and peace of mind throughout the Birmingham, Alabama area. How? By standing tall with our lifetime workmanship warranty on every job we complete. It’s our promise, our handshake that says, “We’re with you every step of the way.”


But wait, the assurance doesn’t stop there! With FenceTrac, you’re not only getting an innovative, customizable privacy metal fencing system but also the security of FenceTrac’s own 10-Year Limited Warranty (depending on your infill type). Imagine a decade of tranquility, knowing that the style, elegance, and integrity of your fence are backed by a warranty that means business.


A fence is more than a boundary; it’s a statement, a signature of your home or business. With Fencing Unlimited and FenceTrac, you’re choosing a partnership that values quality, creativity, and your absolute satisfaction. It’s not just about building fences; it’s about building trust.


Ready to transform your outdoor space with a Birmingham, Alabama residential fence that comes with the promise of excellence? Reach out to us today, and let’s create a masterpiece adorned with a lifetime of workmanship warranty. We’re more than a Birmingham, Alabama fence company; we’re a family that cares.

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