If you’re tired of looking at the same old fence surrounding your outdoor space and you find yourself wanting to change things up, then we’re here to help! Many homeowners in the Central Alabama region are looking to mix and match fence types to create a custom fence that they love! 


As a top Birmingham, Alabama fence company, Fencing Unlimited is ready to help you combine different types of fence to give you the look and feel you want. Continue reading for our expert advice on how to successfully mix and match fences! 

Mixing and Matching Fence Types Like a Pro

Combining different types of fences offers multiple benefits when compared to a single-material fence. Not only will your space get a unique and elevated look, but you’ll also get the advantages that come with combining different types of materials. 


Read below for a list of frequently asked questions and answers from the fence pros at Birmingham, Alabama fence company Fencing Unlimited about mixing and matching fence types so that you get the most out of your new fence! 

Can I Mix and Match Fence Types with Your Birmingham, Alabama Fence Company?

You can mix and match any fence types you desire when working with an experienced Birmingham, Alabama fence company. We know that planning and choosing your ideal fence is one of the most exciting parts of the fence planning process, and we don’t want you to settle for just any fence. 


We offer a variety of fence types, each with its own uses and benefits. If you’re after an aesthetically pleasing fence or decorative fence to go around your front yard, then a Birmingham, Alabama aluminum fence may be one of the best choices for you! However, if you want to add more privacy than an aluminum fence provides around the back of your home or business, a low-maintenance vinyl fence is a great option. Our fence pros can help you combine these two fence types to create the perfect boundary fence for your home. 


If you’re looking for inspiration on what types of fences go well together, we have a large collection of our completed fence projects posted in our photo gallery for you to browse. 

Can I Combine Fence Materials and Heights?

Creating a seamless transition between fence materials and heights is a vital part of successfully mixing and matching fences. We often have clients who want a shorter fence around the front of their property but a taller fence around the back. 


If not done correctly, height or material transitions can be visually jarring; however, there are ways to make the transitions more seamless. You can obscure transitions from your line of sight by adding landscaping like trees, shrubs, or bushes that cover the area. As the trees or shrubs grow, the fence transition will be less obvious, and your fence will blend into the natural landscape. 


We also suggest that our clients place transition points at the fence corners, which ensures that long stretches of your fence are made of the same material. Changing fence materials and heights at the corners of your fence is a little less distracting than changing in the middle of a long section of fence and can be more easily covered by an outdoor feature or landscaping. 

Can I Add a Gate to My Mix and Match Fence?

Because we are a top-rated Birmingham, Alabama fence company, our team is fully equipped with the skills and materials necessary to help you add an attractive gate to your mix-and-match fence! Oftentimes, gates themselves are a different material from your fence, which can help tie together the different fence materials around your property. 


For example, the look of aluminum driveway gates with wood fences is very attractive and provides a great first impression of your property. An aluminum gate can help create a seamless transition from a wood perimeter fence to a Birmingham, Alabama aluminum fence around another portion of your property or pool! 


We do suggest that you do not change fence types close to a gate. Because a gate creates a focal point in your yard, changing fence types close to the gate can be distracting and take away from the beauty of your fence and gate as a focal point for your home. To make the design process easier, we offer an instant quote tool to help you design your ideal fence and gate layout with your desired materials and see our estimated prices.

Can Your Fence Professionals Create a Visually Appealing Mix and Match Fence in the Central Alabama Area?

With the growing popularity of mix-and-match fences, we know that the number of choices can be overwhelming. That’s why we recommend that you stick with mixing and matching only two types of fences on your property. 


Our experts also recommend that you place the varying fence types in locations that are best suited for their purpose. For example, you may love a mixed fence with a beautiful wood fence surrounding the front and sides of your property and a few sections of chain link fencing sectioning off an area for a shed or garbage can. Or you may decide to enclose your backyard with a FenceTrac full privacy fence but want a more open look around the front that a Birmingham, Alabama aluminum fence provides. 

Let Us Do the Work so You Can Enjoy Your Fence!

A good fence is fundamental for every home in the Central Alabama region! Whether it’s for security, privacy, or a combination of both, mixing fence types will provide great flexibility in terms of both function and design, allowing you to customize your yard while adhering to your budget. With the freedom to choose from various designs, materials, heights, colors, and gate options, you can truly personalize the look and feel of your fence with our fencing contractors in Birmingham, AL. 

Create the Perfect Mix and Match Fence with the Pros at Birmingham, Alabama Fence Company, Fencing Unlimited!

Our team of fence professionals are leading experts in mixing fence types in the Central Alabama region. When you work with us on your next fence project, you can be confident in knowing that you’re in good hands! Call us today at (205) 336-2464 or contact us so we can help you get started on your new mix-and-match fence project!